Here are the different features of Autofry deep fryers.
Take advantage of all these benefits to ensure the safety of your employees,
increase your profitability and offer a wide range of fried foods to your customers.

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The Autofry deep fryer offers a large frying capacity. These fryers feature a single basket, or two baskets for other models. This means you can adapt the production rate to your needs. The oil tank for the Autofry MTI-10X – XL and XL3 has a capacity of 2 ¾ gal. / 10.41 liters of oil. The Autofry MTI-40C fryer doubles frying capacity, as it features a double basket. Its bowl capacity is doubled, that is; 5 ½ gallons / 20.8 liters. The output of one vat of oil can produce around 4 lb of frying per cooking cycle, or 1.8 kg. An Autofry single-basket fryer can fry up to 60 lb (27.2 kg) per hour. With these large capacities, you can multiply your production while minimizing your workspace.

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Autofry offers fryers unsurpassed in safety. The design of the Autofry fryer is stainless steel and completely enclosed. Thanks to its loading hatch, you can put your ingredients directly into the basket without coming into contact with it. This avoids any risk of hot oil splattering. The design of this fryer is based on a steel construction that keeps the outside walls from burning. The strategic location of the Autofry vent on top of the machine allows air to escape without the risk of moisture build-up. What’s more, this fryer incorporates an ANSUL® fire extinguishing system. This is a patented professional kitchen fire extinguishing system. It can be activated automatically or manually. This fryer guarantees absolute safety.

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Autofry brings frying quality thanks to its Simplifry™ technology. From the moment the fryer starts up until the last command the system keeps the oil at a constant heat. This brings you perfect and unique frying quality. Simplifry™’s revolutionary intelligence has heat/time compensation. Thanks to its integrated temperature sensor, it automatically adjusts cooking times according to the quantity of product prepared per frying cycle. This technology has 18 fully programmable programs to meet your cooking requirements. You can also start it manually by requesting the desired temperature, a simple cooking time and then triggering it with the “start” button.

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Easy to use, just plug in the Autofry fryer, add oil and start frying to start counting your profits.

Let’s look at the calculation of a profit for an AutoFry customer:
Fries per cycle = 4 lb – Portion of fries = 0.25 lb – Preparation (frying + serving) = 4 min – 15 portions per 4 min = 225 portions per hour – Selling price: $2.00 – Investment: $0.55 – Profit: $1.45 – Profit per hour: $326.25.

Please note that the numbers given are suggestive and approximate for calculation purposes. But it’s certain that the actual profit can be much higher…

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You don’t need to be equipped like a professional cook with a whole system of hoods, ventilation and other catering regulations. Because the Autofry fryer features an air filtration system. This system is designed with a traditional grease deflector, a fine-mesh filter, an activated charcoal filter, and top ventilation. All this design means you can place your fryer wherever you like, without the risk of smoke, steam or odors. This evacuation system ensures that there’s no risk of moisture or unpleasant odors. This means you can place the fryer behind your counter or in a place where people are close by.

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Autofry is designed to have as few moving parts as possible. This reduces the risk of breakdown. It is designed for easy maintenance. The manual filler door is easy to use and can be easily removed for cleaning. The fryer’s main door can be completely removed for better access to the interior of the machine. All filters are easily accessible for easy replacement. The heating elements can be safely removed for cleaning (after complete cooling). An integrated tap makes it easy to drain the oil from the tank. Once these elements have been removed, clean with simple rags and specialized cleaning products. Remember to change your filters regularly to preserve the life of your fryer (see the fryer cleaning video for a better understanding of maintenance).

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All Autofry fryers feature the ANSUL® fire system, the leading supplier of fire extinguishing equipment to most professional kitchens and any business requiring a fire suppression system. This system features a manual pull function and two fusible links, with one link located in the ventilation duct to close the fire damper and contain the flames. Thanks to this system, these fryer models have been laboratory-tested and are UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) certified. In addition to the built-in safety circuit, this extinguishing system is also equipped with a connection to the building’s alarm system.

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Sébastien “Le Poké Station”:
We’re very happy to have bought an Autofry fryer. Our first day was a complete success…

We’ve sold 11,800 portions of fries to date (counting November to March) and we haven’t even started with combos yet. So there’s still plenty of potential for growth! Profit is high and the machine has paid back double so far.

We look forward to hearing from you.

I hope that the Autofry features will be able to enlighten you on the quality, safety and profitability of the various fryers we present. And to guide you in your choice of a professional commercial fryer.

For more information and details on the Autofry fryer, please contact us.

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